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Can you nurture yourself for 7 days?

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"A fabulous course - If you want to nourish yourself with simple, easy to integrate daily practices take this journey!"

- Jordan, 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge Participant

Welcome to the 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge.

Are you in a time of transition, growth or change? Perhaps your life isn't how you want it to be? Would you like support to look after yourself so that you can make the changes that you want to?

At Rebel Rev Online we believe that nurturing your body, heart, mind and soul is the foundation to living a life of peace, love, joy and abundance. This is why we are offering you this 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge.

This challenge is your opportunity to nurture your body for 7 days as a foundation for your growth and transformation.

The course includes a menu of simple daily meditations, affirmations, relaxations and bite-size nurturing yoga practices. The practices aim to nourish and support you to look after yourself so that you can give without depletion and begin to live your life from a place of overflow and abundance.

This is the start of a new way of being.

We invite you to take part by choosing one practice each day to support you in your journey through the themes of Grounding, Letting Go, Igniting Passion, Heart Connection, Creating Space, Inner Wisdom and Being at One.

We suggest that you choose one practice each day and commit to 10 minutes a day exploring the theme. You will get support, inspiration and encouragement through the comments section in the online portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 7 Day "Nurturing You" Challenge for me?
The 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge is for you: 1. If you want to commit to nourishing yourself everyday 2. If you want to be guided with practices, ceremonies and inspiration 3. If you're ready to create some space and time to support your body, heart mind and spirit. 4. If you’re ready to nurture yourself and bring more joy, peace, love and abundance into your life. 5. If you want support and encouragement from people who are taking a similar journey.
Can you give me examples of how I can use the 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge?
The possibilities for using The 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge are endless. Here are just a few ideas… As Someone in Need of Self Nurture: Take the 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge to get into the habit of looking after yourself and using the elements of nature to support you on a daily basis. As a Busy Parent: Use the 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge to remind yourself to take time to fill yourself up when you are feeling depleted after giving your all to your family. As an Online Entrepreneur: Take the time to get off Facebook and do something that nurtures you and fills you up so that you are refreshed and alert for your work. As a Stressed-out Employee: Use the 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge to get some breathing space and find simple ways to bring more balance to your life. As Someone in a Life Transition - Use the 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge to help you to find gentle support and strength to move through the transition and rebuild a new life. Those are just a few examples. Click below to join now and start filling up your cup with love, joy, peace and abundance.
When does the course start and finish?
Although this is a 7 Day Challenge we recognise that sometimes life gets in the way so we are giving you 14 days from when you enrol to complete the challenge. At the end of the 14 days you will have to option to extend your access if you wish to.
Is the 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge International?
Yes. You can join The 7 Day Nurturing You Challenge from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and to be ready to do this work. The principles of The Nurturing Journey are global and we want to work with people drawn to this work, wherever you are.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

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